To the Infinity… and Beyond!

Kurius Korner
3 min readJul 19, 2020

I see knowledge as a tree with branches like roots and roots like branches… Infinite branches growing as I learn, or to frame it better, discovering the unknown offshoots as I explore…

Photo by Alexander Marinescu on Unsplash

With 3 subjective divisions, the branches which ‘I know’ of part or whole which I doubt, the branches which ‘I don’t know’ haven’t explored yet but definitely know of their existence may be through deduction, induction or prediction logic, and those which ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ of.

All the while I was exploring these branches, I forgot that I forgot about the trunk, the heart of the tree itself. How can I? And then one day, I tried to retrace back to the core, but it wasn’t possible as I was deeply entangled with the branches I was busy exploring.

But for some reason, I don’t know, maybe it’s the will of the tree itself, I found a path which can simultaneously free me from this entanglement and lemme access and know the very core itself. Thanks to that will of the tree, which I can never thank it enough for, I was able to slowly but surely understand the trunk of the tree. I realized that it’s not the branches that I should have been looking for but the core, which was truly infinite in-depth as well as the breadth and satisfying much more than any other branches might together or individually.

But bless thee, my idiotness… I always fell from the one path which was gifted to me by the tree... I always fell sometimes purposefully, thanks to my unyielding curiosity, delusions, and incapability to control my own mind, or sometimes by chance and accidents as being unfit to even flee, or perhaps… Again by the will of the very same tree!

But no matter what, I would eventually find my way back to that path if I Struggle very hard or perhaps not or even if it’s impossible to do so thanks to monstrous bindings of entangled branches of the tree… I always found my way back to the path of the core of the tree, thanks to a bird which always flew above my head free, the bird which never even once sat and tried to taste the fruit of the tree, and I was saved again and again, perhaps by the will of the very same tree…

And I promise as long as I have will in the heart of my body free, I will keep on seeking the way back to the heart of the tree… And even if the trunk is infinite to and beyond my capacity, I will love to forever try to understand thee…

And one day I will surely be able to flee, perhaps through the will of the very same tree…

An artistic excerpt from my personal approach to philosophy



Kurius Korner

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