Isekai Neurokitai —Prototyping & Storyboard

Kurius Korner
3 min readFeb 25, 2020

Finally, I have reached a point where the story feels baked enough in my mind. And even if it's half-cooked [Please pardon my drawing skills :P] or so I am excited to roll it in action. So shall we began the tasting session of my first draft!?

Whiteboarding the various scenes and plot in my mind (Again, kindly turn a blind eye towards my drawings :P)

As mentioned in my last articles the entire story revolves around gaining hope through escaping to another world (here, that world is his own body!) where the central concept is about Neurovascular Coupling — the crucial synchrony between blood flow and neuronal activity which keeps us conscious. Enough prototyping, onto my first formal storyboard!

The story world is still boiling in my mind and the landscapes are terraforming as I am writing this stuff, so definitely not the end game version yet but the overall gist of it. The last part where the handwriting got changed is a comment from someone who just saw the scenes without the actual plot. So I was happy that at least the concept was clear to the experiencer through the scenes.

Maquette: 3D Print
Maquette: Scene 1 — Top View from a building

The above snaps show a 3D printed maquette of my first scene in a perspective projection. As a creator, it focussed my imagination of what I will be building in VR/AR or virtual space and cleared any doubts about the same. Now I am excited to jump into Unity 3D and start the engine!

I can feel it… storm is coming! See ya around!



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