Are neurons plastic? Before coming to that question, what are neurons and what do you mean by plastic in this context anyway? As we all know, neurons are the fundamental signaling elements that together comprise our brains, aka the Neuron Doctrine. Any intelligent living being must “adapt” to its environment in order to survive. And this adaptability of an object is what it means to be plastic in nature.

“Balance is the Key”

If the brain was too plastic in nature then whatever skills we learn will be replaced by new ones and lost the very next moment. Retention is very important as well without which we never will be able to hone the specific skills required for various arts, sports, engineering, etc. and be proud of the mastery we achieve over them through sheer persistence and hard work. In fact, we won’t be able to survive at all as the crucial functions of our body from breathing to temperature control to heart rate and all will go out of control into chaos due to over-adaptation.

Every mind is a universe itself — So when are you letting me explore yours???